Single-family doorphone, handset free, ELUVIO (OR-DOM-RE-914)
  • 2+4 wire installation
  • handset free, loudspeaker uniphone
  • additional gate control function
  • power supply powered
  • surface mounting
  • direct control of the electric lock without additional electromagnetic transformer
  • three colors available: white, grey and black
Electric strike with memory and lock left (OR-EZ-4011)
  • electric strike intended for remote opening of doors and gates - left, right and two-leaf,
  • works with doorphone and video doorphone systems in entrance doors of single- and multi-family buildings,
  • equipped with a ratchet lock function and memory function
Distribution assembly KOMBI 1x16A/5P, 1x250V, switch 0-1, padlockable (RJT.165-1-01)
  • distribution assembly KOMBI
  • 1x 400V/16A
  • 1x 250V
  • switch 0-1
  • padlockable
  • IP54
Staircase lighting time switch (OR-CR-230)
  • stepless work time regulation
  • two work modes
  • 3 or 4 wire installation
  • works with LED lighting systems
Digital door viewer with recording function (OR-WIZ-1101)
  • replaces traditional optical door viewer
  • color LCD display
  • discreet view
  • recording function
  • wide lens camera
Electrical time programmer on DIN bus (OR-PRE-414)
  • setting the time on and off electrical appliances
  • 16 time programs
  • LCD display
  • daily or weekly cycle
  • installation in switching station on DIN bus
Stand-by killer (OR-PRE-410)
  • smart power swich for stand-by devices (TV, DVD, stereo, computers and monitors)
  • reduces costs of electricity usage
  • double IR receiver
  • up to 3 remote controllers handling
  • max. load: 3680W
Smoke detector dummy (OR-DC-616)
  • realistic appearance of the smoke detector
  • flashing LED light
  • simple installation
  • built-in lithium battery with a 10-year life
  • effective protection of public spaces
Ceiling fixture with two-stage microwave motion sensor LUMO LED (OR-PL-347WLPMM4)
  • power supply: ~230V, 50/60Hz
  • max load: max 15W
  • 100 LED SMD 2835
  • protection rating: IP54
  • two-stage microwave motion sensor
  • polycarbonate lampshade (unbreakable), opal
Floodlight with motion sensor SIROCCO LED (OR-NL-348BLPPR4)
  • power supply: ~230V/50Hz
  • 12 SMD LED
  • protection rating: IP44
Colour video doorphone 8", VISIO MEMO (OR-VID-JS-1032)
  • ultra flat, handsfree
  • 8" inch Digital Color TFT Monitor
  • touch panel of monitor
  • "pin-hole" type CCD camera
  • anti-vandal housing
  • surface mounting (protective roof included)
  • integrated memory
  • can be upgraded with additional monitors and cameras from EQUES and VISIO MEMO series
Box for R3/R4/R5 electric strike left-right (KAS-U-C)
  • box for montage of R3, R4 i R5 electric strikes
  • faceplate included
  • made of durable metal sheet
  • universal fender
  • zinc coating
Remote controlled mini alarm with build-in siren (OR-MA-707)
  • sensor power supply: 4xAA (not supplied)
  • remote control power supply: 3xLR44 (supplied)
  • motion range detection 6m
  • wall mounting or detached
Colour video doorphone 7", FIDES MEMO (OR-VID-YT-1035)
  • ultra flat, handsfree
  • 7 inch Digital Color TFT Monitor
  • touch panel of monitor
  • integrated memory
  • photo frame function
  • "pin-hole" type CCD camera
  • anti-vandal housing
  • extra gate button
  • flush or surface mounting
  • can be upgraded with additional monitor from FIDES MEMO series
Three-channel, RF remote controller, two remote controllers (OR-GB-411)
  • receiver power supply ~230V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • remote power supply: 1x12V
  • frequency 433,05~434,79 MHz
  • radio communication
  • 2 remote controllers