Informations and events


Ready… Steady… Go!

Next Sunday, ORNO employees will again test their strength in the Poland Business Run relay. This time, we help even more, because we will be represented by not one but even three teams. Poland Business run is the largest charity business run that helps to fulfill the dreams of amputees and contributes to the promotion of an active lifestyle. We are glad that our company is part of this very positive project. Keep your fingers crossed for our runners.


Display cuvettes - our new POS product!

Please make sure that ORNO products are properly displayed in your store! Among our POS materials, you will now find small and large display cuvettes made of elegant cardboard and decorated with our logo. If you are interested in this product, please contact your Regional Sales Manager.


OR-AE-1370(GS) - waterproof plug-in socket available now with Schuko grounding

Do you work in a place with demanding working conditions? Are you looking for a hermetic socket that will meet such requirements and ensure safe work? Use our hermetic, single socket in a rubber and very durable housing. This product is ready for being connected to any cable. You choose the length you actually need. In addition, the socket has a comfortable handle and a rubber cover that protects it against dust, moisture and mechanical damage. Now the product is available in the Schuko version.



ORNO-LOGISTIC Sp. z o.o. based in Gliwice informs that the product: ORNO wireless doorbell, model: OR-DB-IL-128, lot number 1/02/2019, EAN code: 5902560320404 does not meet the requirements of the harmonized standard in scope of unwanted emissions in the transmitting mode no. PN-ETSI EN 300 220-2 v.3.1. 1: 2017-08, p. The announcement is published in connection with the proceedings pending before the President of the Office of Electronic Communications.


New standalone smoke detector - OR-DC-630

OR-DC-630 - a standalone smoke detector is new to our home automation range of products and helps to increase safety around us. The detector monitors smoke presence in closed areas and if any fire hazard is detected, it triggers visual alarm in form of a LED diode and a loud siren (ca. 85dB). The detector has a TEST button which allows users to check whether the device works properly. This detector has a 9V battery supply and it indicates through sound signals that the battery is running out.


New mechanical timer OR-PRE-443

Do you want to save electric energy at work or at home? If yes, we recommend that you use our mechanical timer OR-PRE-443. This device will help you to easily programme the time when lighting, extension sockets and other electric devices, such as fans or fish tank accessories, are switched on and off. Our timer can connect and disconnect power supply up to 48 times a day. The minimal time unit is 15 minutes ( 1 click) and the maximal time unit is 24 hours. Time is adjusted by means of a simple knob.


New Wireless blinds switch with remote control

Our new product - a very smart lighting switch made of crystalline glass is a combination of both ? usefulness and an appealing design. It allows either manual or remote lighting control through a wireless remote control, that comes together with the switch. The device uses radio frequency and can operate within 30 meters in the open area. The panel of the switch has got backlit buttons. It is flat and of single-colour which unifies it with the mounting surface very well.


Please welcome a new product in our home automation range - an electronic, battery door viewer

Please welcome a new product in our home automation range - an electronic, battery door viewer. It is a perfect solution for those who think traditional optical viewers are not enough. The set includes a large 4' LCD display and a discreet camera, which doesn?t look suspicious, because it is mounted just where all standard door viewers usually are. This easy to install device is perfect for homes, flats and offices.


Long Weekend

Please be informed that our company will be closed from 15.08.2019 till 16.08.2019. We ask our business partners to include this change in their purchase plans. All orders placed during that time will be carried out on August 19, 2019.


New electricity meters

Please be informed that our offer now includes new models of electricity meters with MID Certificate. 1-phase meter with a maximum current of 40A and 3-phase meter with a maximum current of 80A. Due to the fact that the meter is equipped with an additional pulse output, there is a possibility to connect a counting device. Both devices can be easily mounted on a standard DIN rail.