We never stand still.
Today we are better than we were yesterday
- and we do everything
to be able to say the same thing tomorrow...
Rafał Owczarek
  • historia_1990.png

    Wiesław Owczarek set up a small company operating in printing branch, named Zakład Poligraficzny ORNO.

  • historia_2001.png

    The company has been transformed from a self-employment company to a partnership company with two shareholders: Wiesław Owczarek and Rafał Owczarek. The company's name was changed to "ORNO export-import" and the company started operating as a small importer, giving up on the printing business at the same time.

  • historia_2002.png

    At the beginning our offer consisted of 6 models of wireless doorbells. 4 people were employed, business was located in a family house in Żory.

  • historia_2004.png

    Poland's entry into the European Union has made it easier for the company to certify electrical products and thus give the opportunity for the quick expansion of our product range. This automatically influenced the rapid increase of a turnover, and also gave the chance to sign first large contracts with DIY chains in Poland.

  • historia_2007.png

    Completing the investment and relocation to a new modern office building in Łaziska Górne with the office area of 320 m sq and 400 m sq storehouse. At that time the company’s name was changed again to "ORNO- POLSKA"

  • historia_2008.png

    Extending the offer with new assortment groups (among others: carbon monoxide detectors, energy meters, electrical installation accessories) and signing of the first commercial contracts with purchasing groups.

  • historia_2010.png

    Completing the investment and relocation to a new modern office building in Mikołów with the office area of 600 m sq and 1000 m sq storehouse that enabled expanding our assortment to lighting branch products.

  • historia_2011.png

    Creating a quality branch and procedures related to the process of production of our products.

  • historia_2012.png

    Allowing our Partners to cooperate with ORNO through the dedicated B2B platform.

  • historia_2013.png

    Introduction of the new brand: BAX-First choice.
    Bax are simple devices that are easy to assemble and use. They are designed for people who appreciate classic budget solutions. The Bax product line is available for sale mainly through the DIY store chain.

  • historia_2014.png

    Introduction of the new brand: OPT - ORNO Professional Technology.
    In response to the expectations of companies that specialize in the security industry, we have created a brand that complies with the highest quality standards. The products are characterized by advanced technological solutions, meeting the requirements of even the most demanding users. OPT products are covered by an extended, 36-month warranty.

  • historia_2015.png

    Building a second storehouse with the area of 1200m sq.

  • historia_2016.png

    Orno rapidly expands the list of distributors from EU countries.

  • historia_2017.png

    We’ve upgraded our business strategy. We’ve set four main products lines. We’ve applied new graphic design of the packaging.

  • historia_2018.png

    ORNO is constantly developing. In 2018 the company will move to the new premises in Gliwice, Rolników street. New building has 1200m² of office space and 3000m² of high-bay warehouse. It will help us to become a strong EU player and make the export to EU countries growfaster.

  • historia_2019_en.png

    Keeping the growth of company by at least 21% and making ORNO products available in all EU countries.